Drama Therapy

Drama therapy is the use of drama and theatrical processes to achieved therapeutic goals. It allows clients to experience things actively and experientially in a safe yet stimulating environment. Drama Therapy is an ideal way to explore personal and family stories, set goals, uncover and express feelings, resolve problematic patterns and achieve cathartic release. It is used with groups, individuals, families and couples. It has been used in many settings and with different populations.

Renee Emunah, one of the founders of Drama therapy writes in her book, Acting for Real:

"Drama is a vehicle not only for expressing and integrating new aspects of ourselves, but also for expressing suppressed shadow aspects of ourselves. Facets of our personalities that have been concealed, from others, and often from ourselves, can be unleashed via the dramatic role. The role enables previously unacknowledged or untolerated parts to be given voice, and at the same time to be contained within the safe arena of the dramatic act."

Adam Blatner Writes in the forward for Acting For Real:

"Through Drama Therapy, people can be helped to recapture the freshness of their early childhood’s excitement and vitality, dimensions of the personality that tend to be stifled in the ordinary course of development."