" The day came when it took more risk to remain tight in a bud than it took to blossom. "

- Anais Nin


I use my skills as a drama therapist to explore things creatively. I am a licensed Psychotherapist so I also do verbal therapy, but I prefer a more experiential approach. In my experience, when clients work creatively through drama or other arts modalities they begin to let go of intellectualizing and allow themselves to experience things on a more visceral level. Because of this, therapy often moves more quickly, and clients are able to see positive results sooner than if they had remained in a more verbal realm.

In my 17 years of working as a therapist I have worked with many populations. My therapy clients range from individuals who are experiencing severe depression, anxiety and grief to those looking to enhance their life and wanting things to feel a bit more juicy. I work with couples on all relationship issues. I work with adolescents with and without their parents and families. I have a vast experience with treating addiction including eating disorders and sexual addiction. My clients range in gender, race, ethnicity, socio economics, sexual orientation, age and others.

I use various approaches in my work including psychodynamic, in which we explore early experiences and feelings that might define present behavior. Cognitive behavioral, where we work at changing thoughts and behavior in order to make positive changes. Narrative, where it is the exploration of the story we tell ourselves that defines our experience, and by rewriting that story, we can experience healing. Family systems, an exploration of family roles and expectations that inform our relationships, and Psychodrama, where we act out personal dramas that often lead to catharsis and healing.

  • Adults: Depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, substance abuse issues, eating disorders, body image struggles, relationship issues and others.
  • Couples: Communication, sexual issues, addiction, abuse, parenting issues and others.
  • Adolescents: Depression, anxiety, social phobia, ADHD, bipolar disorder, relationships, trauma, substance abuse issues, grief, eating disorders, self injury, behavioral issues, self esteem and others.
  • Families: Grief, substance abuse issues, parenting, trauma, divorce/remarriage, trust and others.


My hourly fee for therapy is $120. I accept a sliding scale fee as low as $90. I do accept insurance, but I am not on any panels. I offer a free initial 20 minute session.